BKC Materials provides back-contact sheet materials and other support for the interconnection and modular completion of MWT(metal wrap through) and IBC (interdigitated back contact solar cell )cell modules. We can customize the size, circuit design and product structure according to customer requirements. We will provide customers with high quality and cost-effective products.

  Interfoil offers solutions for the interconnection and modular assembly of MWT & IBC modules, which is patterned to interconnect both polarities of the solar cells and the cells can simply be picked and placed by a programmable robot, allowing large flexibility. 
  BKC Materials provide back-contact foil with self-adhesive layer,meanwhile the lowest shrinkage punched encapsulant is available.

  Choose solar energy, choose BKC.
  We provide solutions for construction of solar photovoltaic power station, commissioning and grid-connection.